Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hailie The Lab

This puppy shipped today along with about 7 more pretty large canvases. I think my last international order went out today ... Yay. We did a handful of Canada orders this year for some reason.

So here is the deal ... we are still finalizing just a few orders from late November and early December. If you are waiting on a proof with hopes of an actual print do not panic until Friday ... that is the day I have set aside to panic myself, ha no just kidding. Fedex has this wonderful thing called express super saver which is a 3-day guaranteed delivery.

I can not stress this point enough, we are not taking new commissions for the holidays. You can place new orders however they will not be touched until after the holidays.


Kathy Weller said...

Faboous work! I have images of people calling you and you telling them " no orders filled until after the holidays", and them saying to you "So...then...what are you trying to tell me, here?"


I am tagging you Rebecca! Please visit my wellerwishes blog for the deets!!

Rebecca said...

LOL ... Yep that is pretty much the way it is around here... I have a hard time saying no, and people have a hard time hearing it.