Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Late to the tag game...

I am sorta late to this game, but I have been tagged by Kathy Weller so here goes ...

5 things about me that my cyber pals do not know

1). My favorite painting ever is a clown painting that I bought at a garage sale and then later sold at a garage sale. It was very intense and it scared the hell out of me so I had to sell it. Now I look for it at thrift stores hoping it comes back to me ... we should have never sold it. It was thick with paint and well done... no really, I am not kidding it was very good.

2). I have no sense of smell.

3). I am an Elvis fan and saw him live when I was 14.

4). I have a low tolerance for pain today, but when I was a kid I broke my arm in 2nd grade and sat through 3 more hours of school without crying. The teacher that inspected my broken limb said it was not broken ... probably because I was not crying my head off. I was a tough little cuss.

5). I have been self employed for over 13 years now, probably because I do not play well with others. Or maybe I just really like to be the boss.

So I guess now ... I go and tag 5 of my blogging pals? Hmmm should they be untagged by anyone else? What is the protocol on that?
I'll tag Jill , Kelly, Kris,
Linda and Jamie

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