Wednesday, December 19, 2007

HoHo ... almost time to be done!

Well we are very very close to being done. YAY ...Happy Dance!
We have had a blast working on so many custom projects this holiday season. It will be fun to add all these new critters to the site in 08. Allison has been away from her web-work lately helping me with painterly projects and shipping, and proofing, and just about anything else I could think to throw at her. As talented and artistic as she is I know she is probably hungry to get back to her html work. She has been soooo indispensable this season. Everyone should have an Allison.

We will stretch just a few more prints tonight and maybe by Friday I can really be finished.
All clients that paid and placed their orders by our posted deadlines should have been proofed by now and those that gave approvals should have shipped. If for some reason you feel your project has slipped through the cracks you should give us a call 214-321-1150.


Kathy Weller said...

I want my own Allison too!!!

Congratulations on work well done!!
Almost time for some egg nog! ;)

Happy holidays!!


Rebecca said...

Thanks Kathy ... Happy Holidays.