Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Lights

Photo: Dan Collins

Yesterday my pal Rebecca came over and we dressed Dan's old 1958 pick up truck in holiday lights, adding 3 wire-form Scotties wrapped in lights at the tail gate. He shot this image last night working with the HDR technique we keep reading so much about. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. You can find a tutorial about it over at
I think this is a pretty cool shot. He was able to really get a lot of detail in the dark background area. Keep in mind it was pitch black at 9:00 pm


Abby Creek Art said...

I LOVE this photo, Rebecca. And the Scotties in the back are the best!

Merry Christmas, sweet friend. P.S.(I can't wait 'til Christmas morning!!)

cowbelly said...

That's so awesome!!

Love the shot, and the colors are just beautiful.

That's funny that I should be reading about HDR images on your blog- I just made my first attempt at one (ok, had to cheat sort of by making 3 duplicate images in photoshop with different exposures- hard to get 3 identical shots of one dog), and find it pretty interesting. I'll post my results in January.

Thanks for posting yours! This is the BEST Christmas shot. Just beautiful. :-)

Merry Christmas Rebecca! Congrats on making it through. :-)

Kathy Weller said...

GORGIE picture!!!!! WOW!!!! Tasty!!

Happy holidays!!!