Sunday, December 09, 2007

Work work Work

Lexis on red-orange ground

It is a rainy Sunday and I wish I could stay in bed or work on my glass mosaic projects. Today I am working on proofing and Dan is stretching canvases for me. My regular stretcher came in yesterday and she got 13 prints ready to ship. Dan is helping out a bit today and is knocking out 10 more stretched prints for me. All in all we have about 20 more projects to proof, about a dozen to update, and maybe then we will be done .... crossing fingers. The good news is I have Dan for 3 days next week. He has taken off a few days to help me and to maybe do a little holiday shopping. At least today is nice and quite. During the normal work week it seems like I spend half my day answering e-mails and the other half answering the phone. I am sure everyone feels that way about their jobs though. We are such an on demand society it often feels impossible to unplug and just focus on the work at hand.

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Kathy Weller said...

Yes I know excatly what you mean Rebacca!! Need more time to do creative artwork!! Ah the life of an entrepreneur! :) Wonderful portrait!!!