Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lola The Golden Doodle

" Lola" (See all Proofs)

I am battling a silly head cold today and yet I managed to get Miss Lola proofed. This is a large 34 x 34 print and I think I may get the opportunity to tweak it just a little bit further. I am getting really busy. I took Monday & Tuesday off to play a little hooky with a friend and in the last 3 days I have received 4 new orders, Yay for Art Paw. Tomorrow I have to get caught up on e-mail requests. You would be surprised at how many assorted questions, and requests a small company like mine can receive every single day. I try to respond to e-mails as quickly as possible and yet at some point I have to remind myself that I am paying to have a toll-free number and if it is urgent people can call me on my dime.


Delaney the Undead said...

I LOVE THIS! our cousins have a golden doodle. theyre sweet dogs.

Sheila Finkelstein said...

I love this, Becca. I am so delighted to have been the friend with whom you played hooky and, also, that I got to see the start of this dynamic portrait! THANK YOU!

Abby Creek Art said...

Lola is lovely! Hope you feel better, Becca.