Sunday, September 14, 2008

About Artist Vlogs and Videos

Several months ago I started creating slideshow portfolios of my artwork and set them to music. At the time I thought wow this is fun, but I will never be one of those ego-centric vloggers that sits in front of the webcam telling everyone what I had for lunch. Well, never say never. This last month I have sort of tiptoed into the vlogging realm as well. I am constantly facing new challenges as I sort through the various learning curves involved with the technology. My readers have been very supportive and patient as I upload these things. My first vlog was so low in sound I am sure 80% of you guys could not even hear it.

Today I offer a list on what I am discovering on my journey.

Top 6 Challenges in creating an artist Vlog:
Finding some content: Figuring out something of value and interest to talk about. Recently I decided interviewing other people makes the journey more fun.
#2 Finding your tools: Buying and learning all the various software tools you need.
#3 Finding the cuts: Trying to figure out artistic ways to edit a video without looking horribly trite and inexperienced.
#4 Finding time: The time involved is huge at first.
#5 Finding a style: Video editing can be regarded as an art form in itself and once you get the basics down (which I have not done yet), you have to think about what sort of style or aesthetic feeling your want your videos to have.
#6 Finding an Audience: With the amount of time and effort you put into making a video you sort of want someone to see it. You can only bug your family & friends to a certain degree and then at some point you have to address the issue of how to get your videos seen.


Manon Doyle said...

I'm so frustrated sometimes just by doing a YouTube video. My Mac iMovie helps but I know it's not great! I'm really enjoying your vlogs so I'll live vicariously through you!

Rebecca said...

Hey Manon, thanks so much. Stick with it, right now I am editing it all in i-movie too. It is very clunky and yes frustrating at times. Your mosaic vlogs are great.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
i am such a fan of your vlogs and your process.
i know how hard it is to make a video and to me, you make it look easy.
you are an excellent interviewer too. you have a real talent for this medium.