Friday, September 26, 2008

Interview with My Mosaic Teacher

Birds of a Feather Mosaic Together:
Today I want to share a recent video about a project that my mosaic teacher Katrina Doran, has just completed for the State Fair of Texas. She and her army of mosaic artists have been feverishly working against the clock to get these garden sculptures installed by opening day, which is today! Katrina designed and created 9 flamingo bird forms. She enlisted 6 other artists to mosaic 6 of the bird forms while she knocked out 3 herself. Each artist came up with their own way of approaching their birds and the variety is so fun. Katrina chose the basic color palette and most of the tile that was to be used. Each artist was allowed to add new tile elements to the mix, and so of course the application and design work on each bird was unique. I am so impressed with their work, and I know you guys will love this video. Oh, and before you ask, nope I was not one of the artists involved ... thank goodness, something this big would have killed me. I am so impressed with the discipline these gals must have had in order to reach their deadline with such first rate work. Great Job Ladies!


Manon Doyle said...

Your interview with Katrina was wonderful! What a great project and the flamingos are beautiful!
I'm really enjoying your vlogs Rebecca..... I know you're putting a lot of work into them and it shows!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the great comment Manon. I need the encouragement on the video stuff ...still feeling like such a newbie to this stuff. And I know the gals will like hearing the praise on the birds, they have been working their tails off.

Kathy Weller said...

Those are absolutely enchanting! WOW, they are incredible!!