Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mason The American Bulldog

"Mason" ( see all proofs)
© rebecca collins / artpaw.com

Ok so I think today it will be official ... we have proofed everyone that ordered by posted holiday deadlines, all approved orders are shipping out today..... YAY!!!!
Next ...
All prepaid late orders that have come in this month are being worked on in the order they were received. My plan is to get all of my late orders proofed no later than Tuesday the 21st. My local Dallas clients will be able to pick up approved projects on Tuesday the 21st.  A lot of folks this year have been happy with the proofing only option and it is not a bad idea because that way your recipient gets to pick out their favorite colors, and we then ship after the holiday madness.

This year has actually been a little slower than last year and I am sort of ok with that. It has allowed me to spend more time with each project.


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and i absolutely love it. I am a new follower and hope to feature your site on my blog.

Come take a peek

earl said...

yeah. .cute dog. Hope he will enjoy his stay to the people who will have him:)

The Dogteacher said...

Very good art..and a very friendly looking dog.

Kathleen said...

Oh yeah! Mason is one spoiled rotten American Bulldog and we love him to pieces :) Rebecca Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I love your artwork. You absolutely captured his sweet, yet goofy personality. I'm sure my brother will freak out when he sees it :)

Thanks again!