Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pet Portraits 2010 / Feb

© Art Paw

Wow, I had a lot  of great subjects last Feb. In making these collage groupings I am discovering old art backgrounds that I have not used in awhile. I need to reorganize my background images and better organize all my original art files. I just received a copy of Adobe Lightroom3 in the mail from the PR department at Adobe. I plan to crack that open very soon and see if it will help me with my organizational needs.


Diane said...

My boy, Cooper is in your February group. I LOVE the picture you did of him! Happy New Year!

Diane said...

And...Cooper was your ONLY feline that month. He is such a beauty!

Rebecca Collins said...

Diane, thanks for commenting! And thanks for giving me a feline to play with that month:) By doing these collages I realize I need to find more kitty lovers. I enjoy working on them, especially when they have pretty blue eyes like Cooper.