Saturday, December 13, 2008

Max the Mini Schnauzer and Monkey

" Max and Friend"

A cute photo almost always means a cute pet portrait. I adore this little guy and his monkey pal. I am at my desk today working on art. This project is one of a handful placed recently with a Rush added to it. It was placed after all posted deadlines, but what can I do ... they added a Rush, and the shopping cart did have that option. Besides ... how in the heck could I say no to Max? This is actually an anniversary gift I think, so I am in very good shape on time.

This weekend I plan to proof about 5 people total I think, and then I will be done ... except for a few straggling revision projects. My proofing e-mails today have taken on a bizarre urgent tone with an added line of text that says something like "you must approve quickly to meet this tight deadline" ... if you wait too long to approve there will be no time for shipping, with the last part bold and in red.

Yep ... I sound like a total wreck, I know. My best girlfriend dropped by yesterday after picking up her Christmas tree. We were outside looking at it and she looked at me and said "you know your hair looks like crap" ... ha, it really did, I had on a headband and my short do was just sticking up and out in a hundred directions. I just love women and how a good girlfriend can tell you how it is and you will laugh out loud. My husband could never get away with telling me my hair looks like crap.


Anne Good said...

Very cute!

claudia said...

I adore schnauzers and I love your work, ergo, I love this piece! (My guy has a lambie instead of a monkey!)

Love it love it.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Anne... Thanks Claudia!

Manon Doyle said...

Max and Molly are awesome!
I laughed so hard about your hair! You know you're working hard when....... you don't even know what your hair looks!


nice, i like!